Cat Grooming

It takes patience and sometimes quick reflexes!! While every effort will be made to groom your cat, if a pet becomes too anxious, stressed or aggressive you will be contacted for pick up. Safety and comfort of the animal always comes first.

As we all know, our feline friends have minds of their own and unlike their canine counterparts rarely can that mind be changed. No amount of cajoling, petting, treats or begging will talk them off that ” forget the bath ” ledge……believe me, a mini tiger truly lives in them all!

Most cats keep themselves quite tidy and neat however it is always a good idea to acclimate kittens with the experience of bathing, especially those with longer coats. An enjoyable bath as a youngster goes a long way. Frequent brushing of long coated breeds like Himalayan and Persians is crucial to maintain healthy growth, you will find it can be a bonding experience for you and your pet. Matting and knotting can appear quickly if not diligent with routine, comb your cat thoroughly to the skin at each grooming session. Usually “lumps” will indicate mats are forming, some can be brushed out but because the skin is very thin and can be sensitive its much safer (and easier) to call the groomer !

Extremely matted coats must be painstakingly shaved, the end result sometimes is not so pretty but your pet will be much more comfortable with all those knots gone. Abrasions, bald spots and discomfort can occur if not resolved.

Visit your veterinarian before grooming, rabies and feline annual vaccines should be up to date as well as getting a clean bill of health. Even if strictly an indoor kitty, year round flea and tick preventative is highly recommended…. the extreme weather has affected the insects and an ounce of prevention…..      🙂