Grooming Questions

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Most Frequently Asked Question

What vaccinations do you require?

In order to maintain a safe, comfortable environment, we require all pets to be current on their rabies, distemper vaccinations and to wait at least 48 hours after shots before checking in. The waiting period helps to ensure your pet isn’t sore at the injection site which can cause irritability and cause your pet to be lethargic. Puppies and kittens between 8 weeks and 4 months of age may receive services in the salon without vaccinations.

How much will grooming my pet cost?

Final grooming prices are based on several factors, these include; the breed of the dog, work to be done, condition of the coat, and the pet’s behavior. All pets are different and as hard as you try to describe your dog’s hair, his behavior and what you want done over the phone. Without seeing your dog or meeting your dog, I can not give you an exact price over the phone, only an estimate.

Do I need an appointment or do you accept walk-ins?

I accept walk-in nail trims, to prevent overbooking I do not accept walk-in grooms. All appointments are scheduled in advance. I advise you to schedule your appointment at least 2 days in advance. I can only groom a certain numbers of dogs per day to ensure the quality of my services.

What is the recommended time between grooming visits?

It is recommended that you have your dog groomed every 4 – 6 weeks in order to maintain a proper and manageable coat. The same is true for non-shedding breeds such as Poodles, Bichons, Tzus, Lhasa Apsos, Terriers, Shih and other like breeds. If not properly maintained the coats on these breeds can become painfully matted. If they are brushed thoroughly at home breeds that shed with short coats can usually go between 8 -12 weeks between grooming appointments.

How long will it take to groom my dog?

Normally grooming can take 2 to 3 hours for small to medium sized dogs and up to 3-4 hours for larger breeds with heavier under coats that receive hand scissoring or De-matting. I do my best to get your pet groomed and back to you in a timely manner.

What is your cancellation policy?

When cancelling an appointment, please try to give me 24-48 hours notice. Scheduling is very important for each customer. A late groom can affect the timing schedule for my office and my customers for the rest of the day. Grooms arriving more than 40 minutes late may need to be rescheduled. No Shows are noted and after two you will be required to pay for your grooming services in full before your grooming appointment. Please understand that all my appointments are scheduled and if you miss yours not only have I lost business for the time allotted but I also have lost a spot for a customer that could have used it. Each customer has a secure interface to cancel and book appointments through. Please call if you have to cancel within 24 hours of your appointment.

Is it OK for me to stay with my pet while grooming?

No, I do not allow owners present during grooming. Pets are much calmer and better behaved during the grooming process if the owner is not present. A dog focused on its owner disrupts the entire grooming process. I need your pet’s full attention when using sharp equipment around eyes and other delicate parts of the body. Your pet’s safety is my number one concern. With that being said there are exceptions to every rule and the final decision remains with the groomer as to whether it would benefit your pet’s grooming process.

Your pet is matted, you don’t want him shaved and I won’t brush him out. Why?

Pain, it hurts, it is very painful and not fair to the dog. Not only that but it doesn’t do any good. We will try our best to save as much of the coat as possible, and use a deep conditioner that works to detangle the hair. If the dogs’ hair is matted, the hair is already damaged and will not brush out to healthy looking or feeling hair. If the dog has only a small matting or two that is a different story – We will do our best when removing the matted areas and continue on with the haircut.

Can a pet be too old for grooming?

No, but older pets are harder to work with. I may suggest to you that cuts be simple and short so that grooming is short as possible before your pet becomes weary and uncomfortable. I want to make sure that your older pet won’t need grooming as often.