Pet  Supplies

Pet Gear

  • Collars
    I carry a selection of chain, choker and nylon collars to choose from. Keep your pet safe and secure while out with this adjustable collar that will provide long wearing comfort for your furry friend. Nylon collars are designed for a comfortable fit on a dog or cat. I have collars in assorted colors with sizes: (Small - 10 to 14 inches) (Medium - 13 to 20 inches) (Large - 18 to 26 inches) (X-Large - 20 to 30 inches) Collars start at $1.99.
  • Leashes
    Nylon leashes are sturdy and reliable for daily and long pet walks. The can be washed and are available in many colors that can match a collar. They can be used for dogs or cats with most types of collars and harnesses including large and x-large. I have sized from (4ft x 1in) to (6ft x 1in). Leashes start at $2.99.
  • Accessories
    I have bowls, toys and large selection of pet items on location and in stock. I provide pet supplies and pet grooming supplies for purchase online or in store. Please contact Pride & Groom if your looking for a pet item you don't see. I have items at other locations that I may be able to help you with. I look forward to providing services to you. Pet supplies and accessories starting at $3.99.
All sizes and colors
Standard nylon leashes. Durable and long lasting.
Nylon leashes
Sold separately or as a set with matching collar.
Pet Supplies
Gear up your pet
I carry assorted pet supplies including leashes, bowls, toys and attire for all size and breeds of pets.

Pet Fashion

  • Neck Wear
    Dress up your pet for any event. No pet wants to look under dressed when entertaining. Your guests are their guests and they want to make a good impression too. I have a selection of bandanas starting at only $2.99. For the more distinguished look we have fashion apparel in the latest styles. All pets have their own collar even if its only worn when going out to the vet. Your pet will feel and look good making you the envy of all the other pets and their owners.
  • Dressing up
    All costumes and costume accessories prices starting at $4.99. Sometimes a fancy collar just isn't enough. There are times a statement must be made and your pet knows that the right attire for the right occasion, can make it even more special. A Santa suit for the holidays, a costume for Halloween or rabbit ears for Easter. You know your pet wants to look good for the camera. Don't let your pet look back on holiday pictures and see that they are the only ones never dressed up.
  • Weather Gear
    Very few people enjoy the smell of a wet dog. Your dog does not enjoy it either but he watches you put on a coat before going outside in the rain. He knows you make sure your covered for the elements and probably wonders why you cover up when you have a small patch of hair on your head but they are going out naked and covered in hair from head to paw. They know its wrong but they love you even when you tell them they smell. Pet coats do the same job as yours and with reflective surfaces offer added safety. Rain coats and winter gear starting at $14.99
For the distinguuished pet
Looking good in less
Stylish Safety
Looking good while being safe
Reflective all-weather coat.
Dress Up
Costumes for Pets
Costumes and outfits for any size furry pet

Grooming Supplies

  • A2 Clippers
    The original and for many still the best clipper for pet grooming. Each of the A2 clippers have been refurbished to new condition and we provide a 6 month warranty on the drive motor. We provide repair services for clippers and sharpening for clipper blades and scissors. All blades are sharpened and tested before being sold. Clipper prices can vary with inventory please call for current stock prices.
  • A5 Clippers
    The industry standard with easy-change blades make it the most widely used clipper in the pet grooming industry. We carry brand new and refurbished clippers for sale. Call to check what we currently have in stock. Refurbished clippers are tested and include a 6 month warranty on the motor. Contact us to get our current used A5 price list.
  • Clipper Blades
    We carry a selection of new and used blades for both A2 and A5 grooming clippers. We also have A2 heads for sale. All refurbished blades are inspected for wear, sharpened and tested before being sold. Do you have a blade that will not cut but your sure is not old or worn? Bring it in to be checked for set and alignment. Blades with good rails should provide years of service with proper care and regular sharpening. Call for the complete current list of blades for sale.

Refurbished items have been meticulously reconditioned to provide years of service.

A5 Clippers
New and used for sale
Grooming Supplies
A2 Clippers
Refurbished A2 Clippers
Clipper Blades
New and Used
New and refurbished clipper blades for A2 and A5 grooming clippers.