Safety Precautions and Guidelines

Safety, Procedures & Pricing

Full Groom or Bath Appointments
Bath & Grooming appointments are usually 2 to 3 and half hours for small dogs. For large dogs, longer coats, special styling cuts, breed clips or very matted fur, it can be 4 hours or more.
Bath & Brush
Bathing and brushing appointments can take from 1.5 hours up to 3 hours depending on the size of your pet and the length of their coat.
De-matting requires extensive brushing time for de-matting and extra brushing prices start at $30.00 per hour charge. Prices vary depending on breed, size, length and condition of coat.
Nail Trim
No walk-ins at this time. No exceptions. Nail trims will only be done during bath appointments or grooming appointments.
Priority Grooms
A Priority Groom is only offered on designated days at 8:30am. Your pet will be groomed first and will be first out the door. Long and thick coated dogs will take slightly longer to dry. Pet’s needing brush outs and shave downs are not eligible for priority groom. The groomer has full discretion to reschedule your appointment for any reason up to post groom inspection or without notice.
The safety of our clients and employees are our top priority during the current pandemic.  Please understand that grooming will be longer now than compared to before. I will be taking every precaution to ensure my elderly and at-risk customers can feel safe and confident having their pet groomed at Deirdre’s Pride & Groom.
Extended Wait Times
The length of time it takes to groom your pet will be slightly longer than before due to the COVID-19 safety protocols. If you would like your pet groomed first please choose Priority Groom when making an appointment.
Social Distancing
For the health and safety of our staff we will be using face masks when we approach your vehicle.  To protect everyone’s safety we ask all our clients to wear face mask when dropping off your pet as well.  If you are not feeling well or have someone who is not feeling well in your family, please call us to reschedule your appointment.
Cancellation & No-show
Cancellations must be made 12 to 24 hours prior to your appointment date and time.  If you cannot make your appointment, call and let us know so we can book a different client for your slot. I am taking a limited number of pets per day due to COVID-19 precautions and I need to fill every appointment slot. Emergencies happen and we understand. That being said, any late cancellations and/or no-shows will be charged a $40 fee and/or may be barred from services at Pride & Groom for habitual offenders.
Car Side Pickup
Please call from your car when you arrive. Please stay in your car until we call, text or come out to get you. If we don’t answer, not to worry, we will be there to assist you as soon as possible.  The front entrance will remain locked in between drop offs and pickups.
Personal Pet Items
When dropping off your pet please remove your pet’s leash, collar, flea collar and harness before handing them to us. We will be using our own leads for drop off and pick up.
We except all major credit cards, cash, PayPal and my website offers a payment link to pay online.
Pet Boarding
Services for pet boarding and cat grooming are not available at this time, please contact Shore Vets for both services. 609-561-2802. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Pet supplies from the retail shop can be ordered at any time. Call when you arrive and we will bring your order to your car.
Add-on Services
  • Shave, clip and clean sanitary areas $10.00 to $30.00
  • Specialty shampoos $15.00 to $25.00
  • Flea & Tick Shampoo treatments $15 per pet.
  • De-matting and complete brushing service $30.00 per hour
  • De-shedding service $25 per hour
  • Aggressive or hard to handle pets will have a $15 to $50 added to groom or bath
  • Priority grooming appointments are always the first appointment and only on availability.
  • Special or custom cuts will be charged depending on the request. $10 to $50 or more.
  • Nail trimming – small $15.00 large $20.00
  • Gland Expression $15.00
  • Paws, Pad and feet trimmed $15.00
  • Ear Cleaning $10

Questions or concerns please contact Deirdre’s Pride & Groom

357 South White Horse Pike | Hammonton, NJ 08037 | 609-270-3141