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We also work to build relationships with local veterinarians. Because we often see dogs more than their vets do we are in excellent position to notice changes.

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I am passionate about the pets I care for and take the extra time to get to know them as individuals — building lasting relationships with all of my amazing customers.

We’re with your pet every step of the way:


A hands on screening where we make sure nothing looks or feels abnormal.


Long or thick coats may include a thorough brush-out or initial shave for dogs with dense coats.


Only shampoo and conditioner appropriate for your pet's coat & skin are used.


We use a variety of methods from air and towel-drying to non-heated dryers.

Finish Cut

Here's where the real transformation happens. We work tirelessly to create great hair cuts

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We offer complete bath, haircut & full grooming services.

CleanPet Grooming

CleanPet salon Service for healthy adult dogs needing full grooming services.

Service includes:

Custom shampoo bath

Cool Dryer or hand dry

15-minute brushing

Haircut & light dematting

Nail trim

Complete ear cleaning

Scissoring feet & pad shaving

Sanitary trim

Anal gland cleaning


CleanPet Baths are for pets needing a bath with extra attention to coats.

Service includes:

Custom shampoo bath

Cool Dryer or hand dry

Sanitary trim

Haircut & light dematting

Nail trim

Complete ear cleaning

Low-shed shampoo

Up to 20 minutes of brushing

Anal gland cleaning

Skin & Itch Treatments

Skin & Itch treatment solutions available upon request

Service includes:

Tea tree & aloe shampoo upgrade

Specialty shampoo treatment

Flea shampoo* upgrade

Flea & tick topical

Haircut & light dematting

Nail trim & Pad cleaning

15-minute brushing

Sanitary trim or shave

Brushing Service

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We offer complete grooming and bath only services. Due to Covid-19 we are suspending walk-in services, this includes nail-cuts. No exceptions. When you arrive please call to be let in. Doors will be locked between customers to sanitize.

The online form is for current customers only. If you are a new customer please call first before booking an appointment.

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7-point pet care check

Before we begin grooming
we check them from nose to tail.

I will visually and physically screen your pet to make sure nothing looks or feels abnormal.
Follow our steps to check your pet before grooming.
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